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The Nomad Drummers have been meeting in West Yorkshire for  the last few years and performing at events all over the county.




The Nomad Drummers are available to perform at community events - get in touch if you want to add an African flavour to your event. We offer exciting and dynamic performances.

Phone:  07595 048 559




The Nomad Drummers welcome new members, no matter what your experience. Come and try African drumming in our friendly community group, open to everyone. Get in touch and give it a go!


The Nomad Drummers are the longest-running African drumming group in the area. We are an inclusive community group who provide friendly, fun, educational workshops for all ages and abilities.


The Nomad Drummers explore traditional and modern African rhythms, playing djembe and dundun drums, bells and shekeres. We even get involved with a bit of singing and dancing! Come and learn great rhythms, good technique, practice exercises and solo ideas in this high energy drumming style.


Discover the interplay between different drum parts, how to play in a group, how to lead, and how to improvise and communicate with other drummers.


Polish your solo chops, licks and fills. Bell patterns and cross rhythms are demystified and broken down clearly. Learn about syncopation, feeling the pulse, movement with drums, and correct playing techniques.


Traditional learning styles mean that sessions are very hands on but videos and transcriptions are provided as well. History and information about the rhythms give participants a taste of Africa.


The Cathedral Centre is a modern comfortable space, all drums are provided with no additional hire charge and refreshments are provided between the beginners and intermediate classes.


Come to classes every Tuesday:

Beginners class 7-8pm

Intermediate 8-9pm.



£5 for 1 hour (£4 concessions)

£8 for 2 hours (£6 concessions)




The workshops are led by Luke Howell who has been trained in African, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban and Middle-Eastern percussion as well as drum kit.


Luke has many years of teaching experience, an enhanced CRB and full Public Liability Insurance.


Luke has taught at Children’s Centres, Primary and Secondary Schools, Colleges and University and has provided workshops for community groups, festivals, the elderly, Scout groups, and corporate events.


Whether it is one to one tuition or large groups, Luke adjusts his teaching style to accommodate a range of abilities, making beginners feel welcome whilst challenging regular workshop participants.


Luke is an in-demand drummer and percussionist who performs regularly as well as having a busy teaching schedule.


For more information about Luke Howell, please visit his website:


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